Seven black and white pictures of your daily life- Fiveth Day

Seven days .... Seven black and white pictures of your daily life .... No faces, No explanations .... Challenge & Tag a friend every day .... 

After accepting the challenge from Aliva Sahoo, in the very first day, I shared the photo of Rubik's Cube and on the 2nd day, I have shared another Rubik's Cube wounded with a Dairy milk chocolate cover. On the 3rd day, I have shared a photo of a toy coconut tree. On the 4th day, I have shared the photo of oranges which I love to eat. And on this fifth day, I have captured the dusts comeout from a pencile cutter.

This photo shows that, we could reuse our garbage and could make some beautifu designs from these waste materials with a little effort.

Today, I was cutting a new pencile for my sister and these particles come out from that. When I took it to throgh away, I got an idea to click a photo and the final result is just awesome. You could feel it.


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